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“Clean” is the latest radio single from Natalie Grant‘s 2015 album Be One (Curb Recordsbuy). “I’ve never heard God speak audibly. But I still recognize His voice in my spirit. One of the clearest times I’ve experienced it is when I wrote the song “Clean.” Hearing the responses from all of you regarding how the song is impacting your life let’s me know, it was indeed, the hand of God on my pen as I wrote the song,” says Grant of the song. Watch the official lyric video on this page, please click the “play” button above.

“One precious girl told me she texted the link to the song to all 200 people in her contacts. 2.1 million views in a few days. People are hungry for grace. Nothing to do with the singer. It just confirms the clear message I felt in my spirit when I wrote it. Jesus wants to bring freedom to every shame and hurt that you’ve kept hidden in the shadows. He wants to drip Grace on your wounds and make you whole. There’s NOTHING too dirty…no such thing as a dirty little secret when it comes to Jesus. He will make you clean with a grace that NEVER RUNS OUT.”

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