The song “My King Is Known By Mercy” (buy single) has become a spiritual landmark in my life. It was a prayer before it was a song through a place and time vandalized by one of life’s hard seasons. I believe that Jesus uses those places to perform some of His greatest miracles. Watch music video on this page, please click the “play” button above.

It was last summer that some friends and I set our sights toward capturing a night of worship on film. Around 75 friends took shelter in an old chapel as torrential downpour flooded the outside streets. As we lifted our voices above the howling storm I thought, “This is what Jesus does.” The world is raging, but the voice of our King rises above, and whispers, “You belong to Me.” What a mystery, though infinite in power and might, that He chooses first to reveal Himself to us by mercy. My hope and prayer is that you worship in the same spirit with us as you watch!

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