As for KING & COUNTRY were half-way into unveiling their new single “Priceless” in front of a live, national audience on ABC‘s The View yesterday, co-front man Joel Smallbone introduced Natasha Bure—daughter of The View‘s co-host Candace Cameron Bure—to join the band on stage to round out the performance. As part of celebrating Cameron Bure’s fortieth birthday on the long-standing, all-female-led morning talk show, the teenager’s mother covered her mouth, agape in surprise, then continued to sing-along from her seat among the studio audience as tears rolled down her face. Click the “play” button above to watch the video.

Thanks to gotsome2000 for posting the video.

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  1. Aimee Irvin

    I wanted to cry with Candace that was the sweetest thing ever. Grew up watching her on Full House and For King and Country are such a great band got to see them earlier this year at Winter Jam and talk with them in 2012 at Winter Jam too they are such nice guys. Looking forward to seeing their movie Priceless and love the song too!

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