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Band wraps Be With Us Now Tour this month; embarks this Fall on the Earth Shaker Tour with Colton Dixon and Finding Favour

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Building 429 has released a new lyric video for their latest radio single, “Be With Us Now.” The song, which is found on the band’s latest album, Unashamed (buy), is particularly a special one for the band’s lead vocalist, Jason Roy. He recently shared a message with their fans, placed below.

Hello friends,
How encouraging that God gives us the map of His Word, Himself, and the Holy Spirit to guide us. Our new song talks about those periods of time when we find ourselves in the middle of difficult circumstances, and I hope that it will continue to be an encouragement to you wherever you may find yourself today. Difficulty is sure to come, I know because my life is fraught with a lack of answers to hard questions sometimes. I pray that you will find rest and reassurance in the knowledge that God desires to walk along side of you daily strengthening and encouraging your spirit. We need only ask for His presence and He will be faithful to bring His grace and mercy to bear in the times when we need it most. I hope that “Be With Us Now” will give voice to your prayers, and that it will help you to continue to live #Unashamed. Unashamed in your strength, in your weakness, and above all, in your resolve to be faithful!
Blessings, Jason

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