Key figures in the world of Christian music and beyond offer to share their thoughts and words with CCM Magazine on the news of the passing of Rev. Billy Graham today. As diverse as the subjects below is just a small representative of the breadth and depth of Rev. Graham’s impact for Jesus Christ on planet earth. Welcome home, Rev. Graham.

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Steven Curtis Chapman – Provident Label Group artist | “One of the greatest privileges of my life as an artist and as a follower of Jesus was to stand alongside Rev. Billy Graham and share together about the love of God and the hope of the Gospel. Today he is looking in the face of the Savior that he loved and served so faithfully and passionately and hearing the words “well done, good & faithful servant.”! Welcome home dear friend. We will miss you, but we will most certainly SEE you again.”

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Steven Malcolm – 4 Against 5/Word Entertainment artist | “To live a life for Jesus means losing it to live a life glorifying Him. Billy Graham was one of the few definitions of that.”


Megan Alexander – Correspondent, Inside Edition | “Billy Graham was the Pastor to this country. So many looked to Him for inspiration, guidance and light. I greatly admired the way he was a friend and counselor to all and how he not just preached, but actually LIVED the Gospel. He will be greatly missed here on earth, but we rejoice for his party in Heaven.”


Jason Crabb – Provident Label Group artist | “I was able to be with and perform for Billy Graham during his Farewell Crusade in NYC, thanks to Jim & Carol Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle and their choir. If the Bible was still being written, I feel like that moment would have been in it—thousands came to know Christ that day. It was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

The impact and legacy of Billy Graham is immeasurable. There is perhaps no person who conveyed the love, grace and saving power of Jesus Christ so eloquently as Mr. Graham.

You know a lot about a person by the life they live but you know more about them by the way their family loves them. I am friends with his grandson Will, and he is one of the most kindhearted people I know. Every time we talk, he talks about how much he loves his grandfather and how much he has shaped the man he is today. I love this family so very much.

I just performed at Billy Graham Training Center’s The Cove on Sunday night and Will shared a story about a new film that is coming out and the thing he was so excited about was that he was playing his grandfather in the film.

This morning, when I heard the news, I texted Will to convey my condolences. Will responded with a quote from his grandfather: ‘Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.’

That about sums it up.”


Michael Tait of Newsboys – Fair Trade Services artists |

Stephen Christian, CCM Magazine - imageStephen Christian – BEC Recordings artist | “‘Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.’” –Billy Graham

When I think of modern giants of the faith I can think of no one with a bigger impact on my world than Billy Graham. I remember hearing him speak when I was a boy and was mesmerized by the weight and yet simplicity of his words. I believe what made them so powerful is that in his humanity he never condemned people, he simply allowed the Holy Spirit to work through him to convict those in the stadium.

His legacy here on earth is secure, but I know Mr. Graham would say, ‘Who cares!’ It was clear that he didn’t care about celebrity, fortune, or fame, what he cared about was souls. May we all carry the same burden for salvation as Mr. Billy Graham, and may we emulate his passion, vigor, and hunger for the expansion of the Kingdom of God while we are still here on earth. Let us also remember that in this time of grief that right this second he is more alive than he ever was here on earth.”

Larnelle Harris – Member, Gospel Music Hall Of Fame | “A true friend will look you in the eye and tell you the absolute truth because he loves you. The world has lost a true friend.”
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dc Talk via Twitter |


Aaron Shust – Centricity Music artist | “The words Billy Graham spoke matched his life full of integrity. His message was simple yet profound: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Today, in Billy’s own words, he is “more alive than ever!” Billy and his family have taken me to the feet of Jesus time and time again. For that I’m eternally grateful.”


Montell Jordan – Pastor, Artist (“This Is How We Do It”), Author & Speaker | “Dr. Billy Graham was a living legend of Christian faith. His ability to simplify the gospel and draw people to Christ remains inspiring. Preaching is one thing; leading people to receive Jesus goes beyond delivering the word to the ears but to the heart. Dr. Graham was masterful at presenting the Master.” —Montell & Kristin Jordan
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Mark Lowry – Singer-songwriter, Comedian extraordinaire | “He had one message and he never veered away from it. God loves you. May we all continue to spread that message with as much passion and commitment as Rev. Graham.”
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Kevin Max – SMLxL Studios artist |

Jaci Velasquez – Integrity Music artist | “My heart breaks at the loss of America’s pastor Billy Graham, what a life and a legacy he leaves behind. Wow! To think of the incredible things he has done for the Kingdom of God is humbling! I had the honor to be part of one of his crusades in Texas, it is my favorite memory. If you don’t know Jesus please do, your life will never be the same.

Mi corazón se quebranta con la pérdida del Pastor de los Estados Unidos, Billy Graham. Que vida y legado nos ha dejado. ¡Wow! ¡Es gratificante el solo pensar en las cosas increíbles que él ha hecho para el Reino de Dios! Tuve el honor de formar parte de una de sus cruzadas evangelísticas en el estado de Texas, y es mi memoria favorita. Si no has conocido a Jesús, por favor hazlo…tu vida jamás será igual.”
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Joseph Habedank – Daywind Records artist | “Billy Graham was more than just a preacher, he was a true Man of God. I can remember as a young boy watching his legendary crusades on television and feeling something special while listening to him speak. He will be greatly missed, but I’m reminded of a quote he made years ago: ‘Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God’ (Rev. Billy Graham).”
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Centricity Music | “It’s hard to imagine a world without the influence of Billy Graham. There’s no question that every one of our artists and writers have been touched by that influence, whether conscious or not. As we carry out our daily work of supporting these artists and writers, we owe a debt to the ministry and legacy of Dr. Graham. We carry on in the hope that we would somehow be worthy of the baton he is passing, and be faithful to do our part in taking the truth of the Gospel to the world.”
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Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River) | ”Even as a small child watching his crusades on TV, Evangelist Billy Graham impacted my life. He was a true example of Christianity and never compromised preaching the truth of the saving power of Jesus Christ. He ran the race, fought the fight, kept the faith, and now he is Home. RIP”
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Dango – Drummer (DW Drums, Scott Stapp, Fireflight, RED) & CCM Magazine contributor | “I’m so thankful I was able to see and hear Billy Graham speak in person. He was a powerful man of God. I’ve always admired his integrity so much.”
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Paul Mills – PCM Productions (Composer, War Room) | “Just hearing the name Billy Graham brings wonderful memories to mind. Sitting in my Mom & Dad’s house with my older brother, listening to a Billy Graham Crusade on TV. A strong voice of faith, hope and comfort that brings me solace and strength to this day. Congratulations, good and faithful servant! You are in the Promised Land!”
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Mark Schultz – Singer-songwriter | “No one has done more in our modern era to share the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations as Billy Graham has done. It’s been one of the highlights of my career to be invited to perform at his training center, the Cove in NC. His legacy is strong and will continue to inspire generations to come.”
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Don Moen – Singer-songwriter, Composer-arranger, Producer, Pastor | “I was privileged to minister with Billy Graham many years ago at his South African crusade in Johannesburg. But my greatest memory is the fact that my father in law (an Amish man) somehow heard Billy Graham preaching the simple message of salvation on a transistor radio (forbidden in the Amish) in 1959. He knelt down in a field and gave his life to Christ. His words, ‘The sky got bluer, the trees and grass got greener.’ Because of that moment, the entire family was saved, including my sweet Laura!”
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Fireflight – Keep It Loud recording artists | “There’s no greater challenge than to live a love-filled life for the whole world to see. Thanks for always being the living example of this. Well done, Pastor Billy Graham.“
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For All Seasons – Centricity Music artists | ”So incredible to think that this man who led countless people to the truth of Jesus on earth is now with Him face to face. It makes us all pause to think about what we’re truly living for. Would our lives always point to eternity.”
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Lauren Budnick of LOVECOLLIDE – The Fuel Music artist | ”One of our biggest heroes of all time. I read every single one of his wife’s books and our mother only ‘fan-Girled’ over one person her whole life. And that was Billy Graham. We grew up very fond of him and always looked up to his ministry. We can’t imagine his glorious homecoming.”
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Bill & Gloria Gaither – Christian music pioneers | “The world has lost today a friend of the lost, a bearer of hope, and a voice crying in the wilderness, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The silencing of this strong voice is a call to all Believers to step up with integrity and compassion to fill the void left by this great pastor to the world.”
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