Christian group I AM THEY played their final concert together this past week in the Nashville, TN area.  The concert was live-streamed and is now available to view on-demand for free.  A love offering is being collected HERE.

Members share feelings on their time with I AM THEY:

Theresa —
What a bittersweet day with tonight being our final show.
You could say I married into the band lol!
They journeyed with Brandon and I through both the greatest and worst days of our lives. They celebrated and grieved with us. I became stronger, and reimagined the abilities I was capable of. I found so much joy in being able to travel with not just my husband, but with friends that soon became family.
I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to be a small part of this ministry that birthed so many songs of healing, faith, love, and redemption. I’ve learned so much, and look forward to carrying that heart for people and songs into our next season as Chase & Co. ♥️ Forever thankful to be a THEY!

Nicole —
It’s been a wild ride! I’ve only been in the band four years but, in that short amount of time, have seen the world with this crew!
Along the way I’ve found confidence to believe I am a solid drummer, confidence to lead as a road manager or tour manager caring for a team from morning until evening, ensuring the road life for the team was well taken care of, and I’ve found a group of best friends who love each other well on the best days, the worst days, and even the travel days 🙂
Have there been hard times? Absolutely. Have there been things I/we could have done better? Ya, u bet. But thru the troubles we found growth, learned to communicate, and felt what it meant to extend grace.
I’ve said it from day one, and I will go on to continually say it, even as we play our last show in less than one week, it’s been an absolute honor, privilege, and gift to be a member of I AM THEY. Thankful to end this chapter so well with my best friends, and excited to watch each THEY as the take steps of faith into the next chapter Jesus is calling them to 🙂

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