“The last time I checked my dictionary, ‘love’ is still a verb…” -Newboys’ Michael Tait

CCM Magazine is once again honored to partner with the Newsboys in providing a two-part video series entitled “Honoring Heroes,” featuring Jeff Kyle (Guardian For Heroes Foundation and brother of American Sniper Chris Kyle), and George Chmiel (BeastMode For The Brave). The conversation, focusing on the importance of honoring and supporting our veterans returning from combat, was filmed prior to the band’s October 28, 2016 Nashville, TN appearance at Belmont University‘s Curb Events Center on their headlining Love Riot Tour. To watch the second half of the interview on this page, plus a special live performance of “Love Riot,” please click the “play” button above

WATCH | Newsboys – Honoring Heroes (part 1)
VISIT | GuardianForHeroesFoundation.org
VISIT | BeastModeForTheBrave.org

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