Gleaning inspiration from Katy Crawford‘s own affection for many genres including jazz, bluegrass, and pop, Closer (to be released Nov. 17, 2017) continues the story of 2016’s Our Love Story (buy), continuing to spread the message that God is not simply a distant deity. The title track explores the many reasons for needing to draw nearer to the Lord, while “Don’t Let Me Run” is about running to him out of love and not out of need. “Dwell In Your House” draws from a poignant message in Psalm 27, and “What Remains” offers insight on patience and his ability to take a completely unexpected pathway to achieve an even greater result.

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Continuously evolving her sound, Crawford added diverse instrumentation to Closer, while also branching away from the ballads that populated her earlier music. She chose to continue writing her own original material, offering songs that are informed by her own life and walk with God, as well as others inspired by messages in the Bible.

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