Dove Awards 2016 Trailer: LOVE. AMPLIFIED. (please click the “play” button above to watch trailer on this page)
Narration: Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY and Tye Tribbett
Music: “Wake Up My Heart,” The Afters
Written by: Toni Page Birdsong
Editing: Faith Samuel
Motion Graphics: Robbie Green

It’s true. Inside the most beautiful song there’s still a hole there. A huge, hollow aching gap—you can’t hear it, but it’s there. Because try as we may, there’s a sound the human heart can never quite capture. Not here, not now, not yet. It’s the sound of love. …not the love of poets, though. But a rare, wild, boundless love that is God’s alone. And like David, we chase it. And like Paul, it calls us…because it’s Him. Because it’s home. And in this chase, oh man, God is good! He gives us pieces of that crazy love to share, and it matters, because Jesus does a lot with pieces doesn’t He? Like, two pieces of fish and five pieces of bread. He does the same with music. He multiplies a few voices to reach many. See, alone they are just the pieces—one song, one verse, one rap, one rhyme—but together, oh man, together it’s a whole other story. We’re the life that can flood these city streets. The songs of hope that make the darkness flee. We carry pieces of heaven to this broken earth to rescue, restore, and echo His Word. Together, yes, we’re living proof of God’s grace multiplied and what His love sounds like…amplified.

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