Newsboys Setlist

  1. Magnetic
  2. The King Is Coming
  3. That’s How You Change the World
  4. Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture cover)
  5. Ain’t It Like Jesus
  6. Born Again
  7. He Reigns
  8. STAND
  9. We Believe
  10. I Still Believe You’re Good
  11. Jesus Freak (dc Talk cover)
  12. God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)

Danny Gokey Setlist

  1. New Day
  2. Make a Difference
  3. Agradecido
  4. Jesus People
  5. Stand in Faith
  6. We All Need Jesus (with Koryn Hawthorne)
  7. Do for Love (with Angie Rose)
  8. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
  9. Love God Love People
  10. Haven’t Seen It Yet
  11. The Comeback

Mac Powell Setlist

  1. Soul on Fire (Third Day song)
  2. New Creation
  3. God Of Wonders/Agnus Dei
  4. I’ve Always Loved You/Revelation/Cry Out To Jesus
  5. Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  6. River Of Life

Adam Agee Setlist

  1. Promised Land
  2. Move (Audio Adrenaline song)
  3. Kings & Queens
  4. He Is With You


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