Land and Salt lyric video for “Jesus Washes My Feet”

“Jesus Washes My Feet” (Inspired by Psalm 23 and John 13)

“Facing the God who wants to kneel down to wash our very feet is an awesome and uncomfortable truth; this image demands that we do the same to the loathed in our our world, not just the poor, the child or the widow but also to the enemy, the corrupt, the deceived, as Jesus did unto Judas. Its a tall order. 

We wrote this song from a deeply personal view of our own faith. It was spoken into the intimacy of our beings and it wasn’t always a comfortable place to be or a comfortable work to share.

The tension this image brings begs our undivided attention and antipathy. We face the awesome inheritance of servanthood, to bow low and bear loathing, to forgive the unforgivable and unthinkable in a world of self-loving and self-worship. We may think we wash ourselves clean at times but when we are done, then God cleanses every part of us –  if we allow.” —Land and Salt


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