Pop/dance music is not my preferred genre of choice. That said, when I hear a really good, catchy pop song I can totally appreciate it and even get into it.

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, then you are going to love this new song from Tauren Wells.

Tauren Wells new song, “Miracle,” is a great song that will have to tapping your foot and singing along the first time through. It’s the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Watch the official lyric video:

“Miracle” Lyrics:
All these conversations filled with doubt
We dismiss what we cant figure out

I don’t have to see to believe in it
I know that it’s true cause I’m feeling it
I don’t need no one to agree with it
There’s just too much proof in my life

Lord I know it’s you
In every mountain that you move
I love the way
That you do the things you do
No one can deny
What I’ve seen with my own eyes
So I thank you for
Every miracle

You keep coming through time after time
Showing off the wonders you designed
(Blows my mind)

Over and over and over and over again
I see your I see your I see your I see your hand

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