If you follow this blog, you know I have posted several times about Dominican Christian rap/hip-hop artist, Redimi2. He is as big in the Latino/Spanish speaking music world as Lecrae or Kanye West are in the U.S.

Speaking of Kanye, Redimi2’s latest single/video, “Locos Como Yo” (or “Crazy Like Me”), is a song that speaks to the criticism that former mainstream artists like Kanye West and Cuban rapper Almighty have faced after making bold declarations of new found faith in Jesus. Both artist have been called crazy or unstable by the mainstream for their bold stances for Christ, and looked at with suspicion of sincerity by Christians.

Christian rap/hip-hop artist Redimi2’s new song, “Locos Como You,” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Watch it here:


“Locos Como You”/”Crazy Like Me” Lyrics:
Well, call me crazy call me crazy
that doesn’t bother me even a little
And there are many crazy people like me
///Like me///

A lot of flow a lot of glow
A lot of people say wow
This Christian is really overflow
For others I am the troll
That is out of control
I am the alien
That always kicks goal

I already know it in many places
They have me in the spotlight with binoculars
Of course it is because my subjects are not regular
take me crazy and don’t compare me
from their cell phones
they shoot because my songs are no longer the same
That I talk about very particular things
And I shot the secular rappers
Okay I know I’m not normal
I had to be a controversial phenomenon
Well, I’m a special crazy
And I specialize in being unusual
For the average I am a siege
They would like to get me out of the way
I announce the gospel and I don’t sing garbage
For my madness there is no remedy.

oh yes I’m blessed
My name is Kanye West
If with Christ I am playing
God will be my judge
For my support of the president, people want to crush me
But they love Taylor Swift
For telling you who to vote on What?
I’ll tell you what’s up
In the United States my house
If I don’t go with the mainstream
They put me against my race.
I have been recognized
Like a brilliant artist
But if I want to sing to Jesus
They call me crazy ignorant
I have thousands of defects
That’s why I’m looking for the only perfect
And the war against me
It’s because I am politically incorrect
What happened to free expression,
And with its famous inclusion?
It seems that tolerance
It only applies in its position

Well, call me crazy call me crazy
that doesn’t bother me even a little
And there are many crazy people like me
///Like me///

Hi, the former ragman talks to you
I had Guille de Malandro
Everyone knows me as Almighty
But my name is Alejandro
I have a history of controversies
Bad decisions and consequences
But I already buried my old self
With everything and its bad experiences
Now Christ goes with me
I accepted it and my friends left
They call me crazy and crazier is Redimi2 who recorded with me
I only know that I found the way
I only know that I found the truth
In my new life and my happiness
There is no bipolarity
Satan in my life no longer commands
I am no longer dead or partying
Many do not believe me but they did believe him
To the fake panda thugs
Now i have songs
May the hearts bless
Brothers instead of judging me
Cover me with your prayers.

** Translated with Google Translate **

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