I have to admit that I am a little behind on getting through last Friday’s set of new song releases.

I just heard something that I can’t describe. It’s wonderful…but I’m not really sure what it is or how to label it.

It’s sort of new age jazz meets alternative pop-folk meets experimental fusion…does that even make sense. I think you just need to give it a listen and decide for yourself. And if you have a better genre description for it let me know. LOL

Whatever kind of mix of genres it is, John Mark Pantana‘s song “Day by Day” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Check it out our your preferred streaming channel or on YouTube here:

“Day By Day” Lyrics:

​​Verse 1
​​So kind is Your caressing
​​Drink You in like ancient wine
​​You’ve intertwined my being
​​Come hide away
​​Day by day
​​You’re always on my mind

You are
​​In discovery
Wild and free
Charming Lover
​​Forever young
Shining Sun
Wading thunder
Fields of grain
​​Day by Day

​​Verse 2
Take me through Your seasons
​​Walk me in Your ancient grove
​​You’ve calmed my inhibitions
​​Come hide away
​​Day by day
​​You’re always in my breath

You were shaping the tide
​​You were making the lines
​​You were taking Your time on a bloodline
​​Just a lover in a garden and some flesh and bones
​​Soaking in the sun and the love that body groans
​​It was always You
​​You were loving a bride
​​You were ringing the chimes
​​You were looking like love in the garden aisle
​​Like some lovers in the summer and some flesh and bones
​​Looking for that love that we lost but we didn’t know
​​That it was always You

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