No stranger to Christian Hip-hop, Cephas got his start in 2002 carving out a reputation for himself as a go to producer for combining vintage vibes with modern sonics.  His soulful jazzy productions garnished the attention of some of CHH’s elite including Datin, Bizzle and others. As a DJ he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with a wide variety of Christian music artists like NF, Elevation Worship, Andy Mineo, KB, Tedashi, Thousand Foot Krutch, and many others.

Cephas’ latest song, “KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2” is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check it out!

Story Behind the Song:
The inspiration for “KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2” came about as Cephas was serving as an evangelist for a local Church. He was in a board meeting discussion about how to reach the community with the Gospel and the lead pastor decided that evangelism was worthless because “it didn’t equal butt’s in seats on Sunday mornings” and cut funding to their outreaches. That was enough for Cephas to pull his support for the Church… and write the verse for “KNGDM State of Mind Pt.2” declaring:

I thought the spreading of the gospel
was the mission
Did everything for this church
And they go dismiss it
Than I caught a glimpse of
My saviors face
Blood dripping
From what had taken place
Religious leaders saying what a disgrace
But the same ones who drove the nails in place
Were the same ones He came to save by His amazing grace

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