Nashville, TN (July 9, 2019)
Christian rap/hip-hop artist, Aaron Cole, has released an official music video for his song, “There For Me.”

“There For Me” Lyrics
It’s crazy, I knew what I wanted ever since age 3
They was on Disney, I was on Jay Z
Born for this thing
So don’t play me, don’t play me
I ain’t have cable, but I had you
Performed to 50,000 people in the bathroom
Turn my bad news in to mad views
Yeah, I have you
I’m glad, too

Through the ups and the downs
You stayed down
Yeah, always had my back
You been the same, never changed
And I love you for that
I won’t be surprised if they hate on the side
They can stay on the side
You always gonna ride
You been there for me
All I really know
You been there for me
All I really know right now
You been there for me
There for me
You been there for me
There for me

That’s a mood
You love me before all these girls thought I was cute
Big head boy from Virginia, that’s the truth
You believed in the underbite kid with the suits
Yeah, I had the suits
We had rough times, but we made it
I was skipping meals up on the daily
Taking Lyfts to the stu – dedicated
Now look at us we got the city going crazy

All I really know you been there
All I really know you been there

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