Today is Ash Wednesday. For a lot of Christians, it marks the beginning of Lent, a season leading up to Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) where people reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice and prepare their hearts with sacrificial behaviors.

Millions of people decide to either give something up or add something into their lives during Lent.

You can learn more about the Lenten season here.


Here are 3 possibilities for Lent you can do:


Shut off the secular music.

I know, this is a popular one. But while I won’t fully demonize mainstream music, I will fully assert that Christian music is helpful. It’s good and full of truth and encouragement and all that. By challenging yourself to only listen to Christian music during Lent, you’re preparing your heart for Easter by focusing on lyrics that point to Jesus. Simple as that. It’s basically like those dietary fasts where people remove sugar or carbs. It’s not saying those things are entirely hurtful, but instead, there’s a hyper focus on the healthy.


Find a devotional (or two).

While there are plenty of Lenten-focused devotionals, lots of Christian artists have their own YouVersion devotionals on the Bible app. Check out Tauren Wells’ “Known”-inspired devotional. Basically, if you have a favorite artist, search for them on YouVersion and you’ll probably find them. I’ve seen Michael W. Smith, Gateway Worship, Bethel, Casting Crowns and plenty more.


Get silent.

Maybe instead of playing more music, or less secular music, just play nothing at all. In our loud and crazy world, silence and reflection is hard to come by. Could prove fruitful.


Shoutout to my wife, Savannah, for this great topic idea!

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