Hey, so March Madness is upon us. You know, the whole basketball thing where everybody tries to guess which of a million teams is going to be the champion?

I basically don’t pay attention to anything college basketball-related until the championships, anyway.

But what I always pay attention to? Good game-time tunes.

Here are 7 some of my favorites that you can bump while you’re busting your bracket:


1. “Gameface” by KJ-52 feat. KB and Soul Glow Activatur


2. “For the Love of the Game” by Pillar


3. “Supersonic” by Family Force 5


4. “I Like to Win” by Shonlock


5. “Undefeated” by Tauren Wells feat. KB


6. “Game On” by Disciple


7. “Undefeated” by Skillet


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