Oh man, guys. That was rough.

Did you also slog through that awful 13-3 Patriots victory? Gross. The halftime show didn’t help, either.

The commercials weren’t the best, either, although I got a little teary at the Google Translate ad and busted up laughing at the Super Bowl 100 commercial where all the old folks were breaking tables and smashing cake. Best moment of the night by far.

If you were planning a Super Bowl halftime show with a Christian artist, who would you pick to perform?

Here’s my Top 10, in no particular order:

  1. Tauren Wells – Remember how good the Bruno Mars halftime show was? Guaranteed Tauren would level up even more, with the resources and energy hyperfocused on him.
  2. Skillet – Fire. Explosions. Rock.
  3. Switchfoot – All the feels. It would be one of those world-uniting moments where everyone loves everyone and cats and dogs would finally be friends.
  4. Lauren Daigle – I mean, people love her. It’d be like Adele. But better.
  5. SVRCINA – You probably haven’t heard of her. But you should. She’s like the Lady Gaga of Christian music.
  6. Riley Clemmons – She already has some mainstream cred; probably couldn’t hold her own, but paired with the right person (Tauren?) could really own it.
  7. for KING & COUNTRY – Probably the only artists in Christian music would could match the theatric spectacle of the big game.
  8. Newsboys – I mean, why not? It needs to be Newsboys United, though. They put on a heckuva show together.
  9. Hillsong Young & Free – It would instantly turn into a dance party. This is a good, good thing.
  10. GAWVI & Lecrae – I’d put them together. GAWVI is making incredible music, but would need to bounce off a big name like Lecrae to make it work. And it would work!

Who do you think could give a good Super Bowl halftime show performance?

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