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Diamonds are a girls’ best friend… right?  I mean I have my share of ‘bling’ but diamonds are a completely different level. I n fact, I can remember when I got my engagement ring; I was mesmerized by it for weeks!  I mean when I lifted my hands in worship at church after I accepted it, I wasn’t looking toward heaven all holy…I was looking at my hand!!  I also remember once going into a very important meeting and thinking to myself, “I’m going to wear my real diamonds today so I feel a little more commanding”.  Ha! Ha!  Just having those few pieces of fine jewelry as adornment made me feel special.  Girls do love their diamonds…

It’s interesting, we often see diamonds only after they’ve been cut, polished, set in a beautiful setting, put in a velvet box, and placed in a brightly lit jewelry case.  They look perfect, glittering, gleaming, stunning!!  What we don’t see, are the years they spend out of sight, under pressure, subjected to intense heat, the cutting that has to happen as well as the buffing and the polishing.  In other words, what we miss seeing is the process.
You know, as Christians, we are in a process a ‘process of perfection’.  We are being transformed into people of rare beauty and value. Each one of us is unique with our own qualities that make us special. We are being changed into something of great value.  Our lives are not only a reflection of the process, but ultimately we are becoming a beautiful expression of adornment for our God.  We can look at our process as something that hurts and is intense… that is pressurized and difficult and although it is…how we handle it is what matters.  Our ability to let this process happen with the right attitude is a way for us to express our love for our Father and what He’s doing in us…actually it’s a way for us to adorn Him or adore Him. 

Often we think worship only happens in a concert with our hands lifted or when the words are trailing across the big screen in a church service.  Worship is simply showing the “worth-ship” or worth someone or something has to you.  Is God worth me showing His love to my family when I’ve been offended?  Is God worth me showing respect to my boss when I’ve been betrayed?  Taking the high road when others don’t treat me fairly is a simple way I can show my love for God towards others, which in turn is a way for me to adorn Him or adore Him.  He knows our flaws and imperfections and yet He sees us through eyes that view us as only perfect through the Saviors’ blood.  He uses circumstances in this ‘process of perfection’ to raise us to another level, which brings more value to our lives. What we do with it is our gift back to him. 

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