One of the most asked questions I get from Indie artists is “When do I need a manager?” OR “Can you recommend a good manager for me?”

I usually respond to them by telling them that there is a lot involved in managing an artist’s music career – particularly if you’re a Christian artist.   Starting and operating a music ministry involves a bundle of different skill sets.  And, each one requires a tremendous amount of attention, knowledge, relationships and administration to run successfully.  

A good artist manager is responsible for an artists entire business and career – and many times personal life as well.  He or she should be knowledgeable and experienced in the following fields:  

Songwriting and Recording Process
Live Performance
Tour Management
Publishing Administration
Copyright Law and Entertainment Law
Traditional Marketing
Public Relations
Social Media/Online Marketing
Business Management and Finance
Sales and Distribution
Network / Contact List
Tour and Equipment Sponsorships
Film/TV and Commercial Licensing
Motivating and Inspiring
Spiritual and Emotional Counseling

Whew – I’m exhausted just listing all of these.  Particularly, the last one can be tremendously time consuming…and, quite frankly, it’s the reason I don’t get into artist management.  

So, how in the world do I find such a person?  The answer is there are very few with all of these qualifications in our Christian music industry.  But, that shouldn’t deter you.  If you find someone with a go-getter attitude, who is passionate about your music and career, is a get-it-done type of person AND if they are willing to learn and from someone with more experience, then that person is the right fit for you.  

But before you even find that person, you will have to manage your own career.  You must be willing to invest in good education and learning on how to best manage your own career.  

Malcolm Gladwell determines in his popular book, Outliers, that it takes over 10,000 hours of experience and practice for one to become an expert in anything.  

I spoke with an expert artist manager recently, Mike Smith, who shares some of his 10,000+ hours of experience in Christian artist management.  I would like to invite you to watch the first of a 3-part video interview I conducted with Mike Smith.  In the first interview, he shares some valuable insights on managing the Christian artists career and ministry.  Check out my video interview with Christian Artist Manager Mike Smith here.

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