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Back in August (read review), we hope you didn’t miss the release of another strong pop/rock album from Centricity Music favorites Unspoken. The album, Follow Through (buy), features ten new songs that testify to the faithfulness and goodness of God, but we wanted to hear a bit more from the band about their own personal experiences with God’s follow through. We asked each band member to tell us about such a memorable moment.

“God has always followed through with me. There has not been one day where I can think of Him letting me down despite my imperfections.” –Mike Gomez

“I remember we played a show for free once and we didn’t have the money to pay any of the band or fix our broken down van. Someone came up to me at the merchandise table to buy a CD and wrote a check for it. I looked at the amount later and it was for over $1,000 dollars. That was just enough to cover our bills for the month.” –Jon Lowry

“Beating addiction would be one for sure, but as a lifelong self-employed musician, staying the course for Him is certainly one too. It’s not luck that has placed me here with these four gentlemen. It was most definitely part of His plan. As I always jokingly say, ‘I’ve had some gigs worth mentioning, and lots and lots of gigs not worth mentioning.’ The trick is to keep your eyes focused on Him and His plan. I promise, and more importantly He promises, that everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to.” –Don Eanes

“Six years ago my wife and I found ourselves in a situation where if God didn’t give us a miracle we would have to take a step back from ministry and the band. We were talking about moving back to Maine and me finding a full time job. We asked the Lord to come through in a big way within 30 days. God did not disappoint us! He performed an absolute miracle and sold our home in Maine that wasn’t even for up for sale. The best part is, we closed 30 days from the day of our prayer.” –Chad Mattson

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