When it comes to turning dreams into reality, Trey Pearson is the guy to talk to. At the young age of 16, he started teaching himself piano and had the grandiose idea of getting a few guys together and starting a band. Simple enough, right?

For most guys, that pipe dream might have lasted a few months but for Trey Pearson, front man of Everyday Sunday, it actually was. Now, ten years later, Everyday Sunday has just finished their fifth record and released a new single, “Calculate,” that’s climbing the charts.

“Looking back, I guess one of the defining moments was when I dropped out of college to pursue what I knew God wanted for my life,” Pearson said.

Pearson completed one year at Indiana Wesleyan and despite the fact that he exceled academically, he felt in his spirit that college was not in his path and made the difficult decision to pursue music full time.

“I left college and went to Nashville,” Pears said, laughingly. “I literally knocked on the door of record labels, handing out my album.”

While some might scoff at his determined approach, it worked. Before long, he was meeting with the president of record labels. Eventually, Everyday Sunday signed with Flicker Records, owned and operated by powerhouse rock group, Audio Adrenaline.

Almost ten years later, the band has made the decision to explore their options without a label.

“We really wanted to see if we could find a more effective way to do things than in the past. We wanted to re-evaluate who we are and what we were doing musically. If we made a decision or created something, we wanted it to be something we were passionate about, not something someone else was telling us to do.”

What was birthed from that season of self-evaluation was not only the decision to remain independent but also a new sound entirely.

In the past, Everyday Sunday’s albums were fairly reflective of their influences at the time, with substantial influence from their label and producers. However, when it was time to create their true, reflective sound, Pearson called upon his true musical influences and loves.

“We are unashamedly pop,” Pearson said confidently. “I love Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, and Katy Perry. We love programming and exploring how to make the best music we can.”

This confidence in creating music is what led to “Calculate,” their latest single released on iTunes in June, a pop, beat-driven hit that gives a glimpse of what to expect on their next full-length album, scheduled to release in early 2013.

While the journey for Everyday Sunday hasn’t been easy or typical, Pearson believes that the success of a band is dependent upon having a strong leader with a band ready and willing to pour into each other.

“I’m not a perfect leader, of course, but I try to get better. I cast a vision and then allow my band to see how we can come up with something better,” Pearson said.

That mentality is the heart of Everyday Sunday. Creating a vision and watching it be transformed into something that truly reflects the originality and purpose of the group. That transformation continues as Everyday Sunday has a Christmas single, “Jingle Bell Rock,” releasing November 19th. They’re also scheduled to tour with Family Force 5 in December and in Europe in 2013.

To keep up with Everyday Sunday, visit www.http://www.facebook.com/everydaysunday.

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