Passion, Louie Giglio, Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Kutless, MercyMe, Newsboys, CCM Magazine - imageThis February, CCM Magazine has enjoyed a month-long celebration of Passion—delving deeper into the music and the 2016 conference that was held simultaneously in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA in January, with insight from worship leaders Kristian Stanfill and Brett Younker in our February 1, 2016 issue. Additionally, we feature founder, leader, and now pastor of the Passion City Church in Atlanta, Louie Giglio, in our current magazine edition, and learn more about the scope of Passion’s reach beyond college students in America.

Weighing in on the impact of Passion, the 268 Generation, and what the movement means to them, are three more members of the team—Matt Redman, David Crowder, and Chris Tomlin.

“It was great to have a whole record of new songs to bring to the Passion gathering this year. Usually we record a live album in the months afterwards, so it was fun to do something different this time and have the album ready to release at the event. I love that people could walk away with the songs that we were singing during our time together. It’s one thing to sing these songs with thousands of us in these big arenas – that can be really special—but my favorite thing is to hear how the songs start showing up in people’s lives, and help them talk to God in their everyday situations.” —Matt Redman

“Passion this year was probably my favorite. There was such unique energy in each location. And I will say this, I’ve never heard [Chris] Tomlin lead like he did the last night in Phillips [Arena]. It was special and beautiful.” —David Crowder

Louie Giglio, Passion, Meredith Andrews, John Tibbs, CCM Magazine - image“Passion continues to be a unique moment and marker year after year, not only in the lives of thousands of university students, but my own life as well. I count it a huge privilege to lead and bring new songs to this conference. I can’t imagine you would find another event that had the diversity of giftings between the musicians and the speakers. But Passion is so much more than a collegiate gathering with good music and great speakers. The true heart of this amazing movement is to give students a strong foundation of faith that will not be shaken. That foundation is Jesus and His greatness and grace.” —Chris Tomlin

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