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By now, everyone knows the ups and downs that have been Tim Tebow‘s whirlwind sports career. As one of the most decorated college athletes, including winning college football’s highest honor in 2007, the Heisman Trophy—the first to win it as a sophomore or younger in the award’s illustrious history, nonetheless—Tebow’s professional career, from the perspective and opinions of the mainstream media at least, has been painted as tumultuous at best. However, perception is not always closely linked to reality, and Tebow has taken the opportunity to share the real story. His 2016 book, Shaken—Discovering Your True Identity In The Midst Of Life’s Storms (buy), put words to paper to what a lot of us were seeing on our television screens and media devices. A healthy, God-fearing man from a tight-knit missionary family just trying his best to honor God with his abilities—at what ever his pursuits may be, mind you (an NFL quarterback, motivational speaker, aspiring MLB player, author…). Part of the story that you may have forgotten or didn’t realize, was that Tebow came from a homeschooling background. His latest book, hot off the presses from WaterBrook & Multnomah, Know Who You Are—Live Like It Matters. A Homeschooler’s Interactive Guide To Discovering Your True Identity (buy) specifically speaks to those experiences and encourages others who are in the midst of homeschool situations and circumstance.

Enjoy this recent Q&A with Tim Tebow, as provided by WaterBrook & Multnomah. The last set of questions were fielded by current homeschool students.

Q: Why did you decide to write your next book directly to middle-school-age homeschoolers?
Tim Tebow: I wanted to encourage them because these years are such impressionable times. I want these students to know that I went through what they are going through. They matter. God has a plan for them. And they can accomplish special things!

Q: What are the key things you hope a child this age will take away?
TT: Remember not everything is perfect. You may wonder what everyone else is doing in school, but focusing on that will stop you from giving your all and diving into what you’re learning at home. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Q: What do you wish you understood at that age?
TT: There were times that I was so discouraged because certain subjects like math and reading didn’t come easy. I had to keep sticking with it. I also learned to be thankful that homeschooling gave me an opportunity to study and read about subjects that I loved, like nutrition and sports.


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