Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the artists we appreciate here at CCM are also fans as well. It made us curious about the tastes and habits of various artists, so we decided to launch a series, “The Last Time,” to find out some answers. Our newest entry comes from one of gospel music’s bright young stars, Tim Bowman Jr.

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Andy Mineo

The last album you purchased?
Andy Mineo
, Uncontrollable

The last concert you paid to attend?
Frankie Beverly & Maze

The last TV show you binged watched?
Downton Abbey

The last book you finished?
No Ring, No Ting
by Brelyn Bowman

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The last time you were surprisingly moved by a piece of music?
’ “Good Good Father”

The last great movie you watched?
Beasts Of No Nation

The last time you laughed uncontrollably?
While watching Veep

The last memorable exchange with a fan of your music?
When a fan approached me and stated that she was about to commit suicide and the my song “I’m Good” came on and she changed her mind and she gave her life over to Jesus Christ.

Check out Bowman, Jr.’s hit single, “I’m Good,” below:

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