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It’s Christmastime, always an appropriate season to bring up “favorite things.” Although this discussion with The Afters occurred earlier this summer, we got a sense as to a few of their favorite things, so what better time to share? After all, these moments can … live on forever, right?!

CCM Magazine: Favorite brand and/or type of coffee?
Matt Fuqua:
Well, the other day when we were in California we had Intelligentsia. It was fantastic.
Josh Havens: Intelligentsia. It was really good.

I actually started a coffee company with a couple people from my church doing circular trade coffee, where we go into some of the communities where our church is in missions and we buy coffee directly from the local farmers there. Then all of the profits go back to them. It’s called Tribal Coffee. I love any coffee that is coffee with a purpose. Three Avocados is a great example of that, where you’re buying great coffee, but it’s also doing good.

CCM: Favorite thing on bread?
: Nutella—or aged gouda.
Dan Ostebo: Brie cheese.
MF: Chicken tikka masala.
Jordan Mohilowski: From my childhood… Peanut butter and honey.
DO: I thought you were going to say ketchup?

CCM: Pick only one—shack on the beach in Hawaii, or a mansion in the Appalachian Mountains—and why?
I’m going to say Hawaii. If I could choose, I’d want it on one of those black sand beaches because I think that’s just amazing.
DO: I’ll pick a shack in the mountains, and I’ll do a trade half of the year with Matt.
JM: No, it’s a mansion in the mountains or a shack on the beach. For me, a mansion in the mountains.
DO: Oh, it was a mansion? Well, we can do that.

JH: Wait, a shack on the beach? How “shack” are we talking here?
CCM: Rough.
JH: It’s Hawaii, so, yeah. I would do the shack because you get the mountains, too. Then it would be a home improvement project.


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