Singer-songwriter Tasha Layton once walked away from the Lord, attempted suicide and found herself in a very low place.  The former American Idol contestant and Katy Perry background vocalist recently shared her powerful testimony with us in the #CCMmag Café.

Tasha Layton and her husband Keith Everette Smith both knew that Keith would struggle to have kids, as doctors said his infertility was most likely due to a back injury earlier in his life.

For the first few years of their marriage, their dreams of being parents didn’t seem within reach. During another mission trip to Africa where they were both leading worship, Keith’s back was in fits. As he tried to find a position that would lessen the pain, he kneeled to the ground. There he prayed, and miraculously, his back pain was gone and it has never returned.

It was that day that the couple credits God with giving them the ability to have a child. The couple recently talked about the experience with #CCMmag.


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