I never truly understood how much our mothers give of themselves until a few months ago when I became one for the first time. After nine months of anticipation and anxiety (and back pain, heartburn, swelling, and sleepless nights), the joy I felt when I first embraced my child blew my mind. This was shortly followed by the pain and struggle of recovering from a C-section, coupled with shouldering the responsibilities of caring for this precious new life.

Then it hit me that the exhilaration and anguish is what each and every one of our mothers have faced in order to bring us all into this world. They gladly paid the price in order to give us life and to keep us safe.

As I sat in exhaustion during recovery, my own mother was there by my side at the hospital — still caring for me. Without the continued help of this wonderful woman, I could not have made it through the weeks preceding and following this both joyous and difficult experience. As I think of her, I continue to be in amazement and awe of how she once fought these very same battles, and then some, so that I could one day have this experience.

The more I pondered, the more the weight of the meaning of motherhood took shape. I could feel what my mom must have felt—overwhelming love and passion for a fragile life in addition to borderline terror at the prospect of that responsibility. It was as if someone handed me a tiny paper box that contained the secret to the future of all humanity — like it’s all up to me to keep it safe, cultivate it, and ensure its survival. In a way, each of our mothers accepted that when we were born. We owe them for every single breath of life that you and I take every day.

How can we ever repay our mom’s? From my own personal experience, not very well! Sadly, many of us are likely guilty of allowing our mothers to become an afterthought when it comes to our daily lives. How are you going to honor your mother on Mother’s Day?

Remember that our mothers are tireless. They continue to dote upon us and care for us with all of their hearts. We are always at the forefront of their attention. As I approach my very first Mother’s Day as a mother, I want to see a change in my own life—I want to honor my mom year-round, as she truly deserves. Will you join me as you honor yours?

“Having had the honor of Dawn being my first born, I am thankful for the many things she has taught me over the years. Since Dawn’s marriage to Matt, I have dreamed of her being able to experience the happiness and amazing depth of love within a mother’s bond with her child. As our family grew and Dawn was a big sister, it became obvious that maternal instinct is a strong part of the many gifts with which God has blessed her. Becoming a Grandmother, able to witness and share this most precious time welcoming this child into our family, has been the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift I ever could have dreamed of!”

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