It was well over 20 years ago when Chris started selling his hand made sandals around the country out of his old school vw bus. The idea he had to create an income in a small village in Nicaragua flourished through the decades, coming up with new styles and art out rope was something he and his team enjoyed. It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns to keep a business for over 20 years, but with dedication and some creativity this company has made great strides. A tight company of friends and family (Chris’ dad and sister run the shipping department) Currently we employ 42 people in Nicaragua, this had always been the plan, to grow a small community in Nicaragua with year-round work.

We have some exciting new styles and colors for you this year. Lets start with the more complicated stuff first. Over 20 years ago when Chris first started this company, he was a raft guide on the rivers of Colorado, the idea for his rope sandals as a rafting sandal gave the company a go, he just wanted to give another option for river guides, those who wanted a little more simplicity. The original jc worked well on the river, the rope bottom actually helped sandals stick to rocks, but Chris began working on a side project to toughen up the soles of the sandal, but at the point due to lack of the materials he imagined, lack of funds, and needed a few more years in production, he shelfed the global nomad for the future. Forgotten about, gathering dust on the shelves and a covid slowdown to exactly that, they cleaned up the warehouse and found that original global nomad, full of dust and glue bulging out the sides, dense heavy material making the sandal inoperable for most people who like to float through life, the idea sparked again. Already adding soles on to their regular sandals for over 10 years it was time to re ignite this fire. Nomadic had attained better capabilities and materials to do this project right! And not to mention some good buddys with a lot of years experience in footwear to come in and give a hand. What they did is take a layer of rope off and add some super soft cloud eva with a heel lift, followed with that super soft and light Vibram outsole creating a super-light sports sandal. Now there are three different outsoles to their sandals. Regular (rope sole), with a sole (just added vibram), and the global nomad. This global nomad is a must for the person that lives in sandals in all environments.

And as usual creating new sandals is what we do well here, we have 2 new styles and 2 new colors this year added to our original rope bottom sandals. Don’t let the above paragraph dissuade you if you love our original sandals, they are still well loved by most. During the pandemic we learned how to weave bringing you the slippa and full nelson, to add to our woven line we now have the 505 and slip x, both different and unique, bringing some great choices into our rope lines. Bubble gum pink and royal blue are the new colors this year, added to our jc line! Enjoy every step!

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