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Posted 5/17: Nichole Nordeman & Jason Roy of Building 429 share their favorite Sandi Patty stories! (plus – BONUS VIDEO FOOTAGE!)

Michael Tait, Newsboys, Sandi Patty, CCM Magazine - image

COMING SOON! Michael Tait & Sandy Patty duet & more (video)! Stay tuned!


Nicole C., Nicole C. Mullen Sandi Patty, CCM Magazine - image

COMING SOON! Nicole C. & Sandi Patty – a conversation w/ Andrew Greer (video & text)


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COMING SOON! Natalie Grant & Sandi Patty duet! (video)


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  1. Lloyd Peacock

    Ms. Patty, is a true Servant of God, a good and faithful one. She is an inspiration to all, not just with her voice and music selection, but as you have stated., her transparency and honesty. As a gay man, I have never heard her judge me or anyone, and for that I am grateful. Thank you Ms. Patty for all you do in HIS Name and sharing it with the world. The gems in your crown are glowing.
    Bob Peacock

  2. Pam Moncrief

    When I read Sandi’s CCM interview, my heart dropped when I read the words of the lady who stated to Patti after a concert: “Thank you for singing, but I wish you would sing it more for God.” I do not know if the concert was one on The Forever Grateful Tour, but as for as my opinion, one KNEW the WHO Sandi was singing to and for – GOD. Sandi’s body language, her voice, movements, her countenance announced God and Jesus!

    I do not know if I was actually the one in which she made eye contact in the area in which she was looking out at the audience during the Waco TX Concert on The Forever Grateful tour, but I made eye contact with her. During that eye contact, to me, Sandi was drawing me into worship of God with her! It was her saying come Pam and Worship THE King with me!

    Yes, The Forever Grateful Tour is for Sandi’s ‘ frans’, but Sandi with all of her being exclaimed: ” I am Forever Grateful to you Father God! Forever grateful to our shared God Forever Grateful for Sandi Patty for her ministry in song and witness!

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