Texas nu-metal band Relent has released their sophomore album, Heavy, with Rockfest Records.

“Heavy is an anthem for the hurting,” lead singer Miggy Sanchez shares. “It’s a story of trauma. It’s a story of tribulation. It’s a story of therapy. Heavy is the album that says ‘I’m going to walk with you through all of that.’”

Listeners have already gotten a taste of that powerful solidarity through top 5 charting single “Low” and heavy-hitter follow-ups like “Last Days,” “Think You Got It” and “Ghost.” While “Low” spoke to those struggling with self-harm and suicide, “Last Days” is a rocker right from the biblical book of Revelation and “Think You Got It” calls out two-faced religious elite.

Enjoy a full breakdown of each track from the band below.

“Think You Got It”
We have all encountered situations in our lives where the people we thought we could trust actually misled— or maybe even backstabbed— us. This song is calling out everyone who chooses to walk that way. I see through your façade, and I’m screaming for justice. The game is over.

Many times in my walk, I’ve found myself frustrated that I continue to struggle with going back to things that I know are not good for me. Things I swore I would never do: addictions, habits, behaviors. The struggle to keep fighting the things I hate is real. “Danger” is a song for all who deal with their own destructive habits and internal demons. Keep fighting.

If this walk was easy, everyone would be doing it. The fact of the matter is, this life is never easy. I’ve come to believe that the moment it becomes easy, I’m actually doing something wrong, taking the path of least resistance. Depression, fear, and anxiety are all real things. They don’t have to control my life. At the end of the day, faced with the things that make people feel low, all I can say is “me too.”

We live in a world where the supernatural seems to be an obsession. We see the world putting the demonic on a pedestal and calling it spirituality. In actuality, there is only one Ghost that has the power to do anything. He is force to be messed with. This Holy Ghost I speak of has destroyed my life… and I like it that way. He is the Ghost I want to be haunted by for the rest of my life.

“Last Days”
Wars, rumors of wars, pandemics: somehow, all of it seems to be so normalized. Yet I know this is all part of the plan. We are indeed in the last days. I’ll be fighting till the end.

Rape. Sexual manipulation. Sex trafficking. The devastating emotions that come with it. This song is my wife’s story, and I’m honored to tell it. She’s been through so much. She has come out victorious, and now her story will help millions, breaking the silence around topics not talked about enough.

These kinds of duplicitous people exist in places you would never think. I’ve found them in some of the holiest places on earth. But rest assured: in the end, they never win.

Robert was a dear dear friend to the band. He was one of our greatest supporters from the very beginning, a familiar face at every show. We lost him suddenly to a freak accident. This song is for Robert, and for anyone else who has lost someone close to them.

This is an anthem of victory! It’s for everyone who is overcoming obstacles and naysayers. I say I’m the best because I believe in myself. That doesn’t make me cocky— that makes me confident. Confidence can be an earth-shaking thing when it’s carried right.

The lies that have been spoken about me no longer are a problem, because I’ve separated myself from the people who told them. The greatest people in this world have enemies. I’m no different. I’m not going to let them stop me.

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