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In our ongoing effort to find out more about our favorite artists, we’ve developed a series to show their more personal side called “The Last Time.” For this week’s segment, we’ve asked life’s most important questions about movies and music to Randy Armstrong, bassist for the chart-topping rock band RED.

The last album you purchased?
30 Seconds To Mars
, This Is War (buy)

The last concert you paid to attend?

The last TV show you binged watched?
Sons Of Anarchy (buy)

The last book you finished?

The last time you were surprisingly moved by a piece of music?
Hans Zimmer
and the soundtrack to The Dark Knight (buy)

The last great movie you watched?
The Martian

The last time you laughed uncontrollably?
While recording an album we watched “Thriller Kitty” on YouTube.

The last memorable exchange with a fan of your music?
Met a girl named Sarah in Denver who is in the fight of her life against cancer. Her favorite band is RED and we ran into her backstage before our set. She brought me to tears just thinking about what her and her family were dealing with. After the set, I jumped off the stage and went straight to her as if she was the only one watching. Squeezed her as hard as I could and told her to simply FIGHT. Sometimes it’s the smallest things we do that have the biggest impact.

click to buy RED's last studio album

click to buy RED’s last studio album

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