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Meet Geraldine Png (pronounced, “PANG”), a former agnostic and alcoholic that has since dedicated her life to Jesus Christ. Now free from the bonds of crippling addiction, the Singaporen singer-songwriter releases an extremely personal project that took thirteen years to complete. Home grown from an assortment of musical instruments and a lifetime of varying music influences, the electronic vibe of her release, Moonstone City (buy), will encapsulate the listener into her journey from despair to deliverance. To say the least, CCM Magazine was intrigued, so we decided to find out a little more from Geraldine herself:

CCM Magazine: How long have you been making original music?
Geraldine Png: The story concept album Moonstone City was conceptualized since 2003 when I [became] a born again Christian. It had taken me all these years to complete this story. It [was] a personal journey about my recovery [from] alcoholism.

My husband, Bert Lindsey, also collaborated with me [on this project], and he has been composing original music for many years. He enjoys composing songs for friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. I also collaborated with other composers and DJ’s, as well.

CCM: What is a unique aspect about you as an artist that you would want our audience to know?
GP: That I am a living testimony. I was a “hard nut to crack,” coming an agnostic and alcoholic background. I was indulging my life in a worldly sense, as shared in the initial songs from Moonstone City.

CCM: What challenges did you face in the making of this project?
GP: Moonstone City is a concept album consisting of many different genres—this was a challenge in of itself, as the music industry generally [doesn’t have an interest in this type of project]. I chose the pathway to be a songwriter and self-publisher so that I can personally explore, discover and have [complete control] through the lyrics, arrangements or messages.

CCM: What was God teaching you through the making of this project?
GP: To trust my Lord, Savior and Creator, JESUS CHRIST, one day at a time that [only] He will, by His grace and mercy, still provide my basic needs in fulfilling the completion of this story through Moonstone City.

CCM: Where did you record this album?
GP: It [was] recorded in our home studio, with equipment and gadgets which my husband has collected over many years. [Through these instruments is how he] learned how to use and compose music.

CCM: Who are your core musical influences?
GP: First things first, the Bible! When I was young, my dad collected vinyl records and played music from Charlie Pride, Johnny Horton, Matt Monro, Henry Mancini, Ronnie Milsap, Conway Twitty, classical music, etc.—[all of this] influenced me. I was a freelance DJ and [have been exposed to] various music genres, specifically from the 1950s to 90s.

CCM: Who are your biggest supporters and fans as an artist, and what relation are they to you?
GP: I have support from both Christians and non-Christian individuals all around the world, regardless of their ages. Many have written to me personally to express that they could relate to one or more of the songs from Moonstone City. I have also received airplay from non-Christian radio stations in both the United States and the U.K.. A few of the stations actually played my album  in its entirety, which was very good to allow the listener to hear the full story.

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