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Priscilla Shirer originally told the producers of War Room (buy) she wasn’t interested in an acting role in the to-be hit feature film. The truth was that she felt ill-equipped for her first acting turn, a familiar feeling she admits before taking on any of the varied ministry roles that keep her so busy these days.

That very humility is exactly why Shirer believes she’s even been presented with the opportunity to publish numerous books, including her latest series of children’s titles under the heading The Prince Warriors (buy). What began as a burgeoning women’s ministry career with books and a LifeWay video Bible study series has blossomed into a full creative array that includes children’s fiction and another role in the upcoming film I Can Only Imagine.

We recently asked Priscilla about these varied roles and the lessons she’s learned as God presents her with some pretty incredible opportunities.

CCM Magazine: You’ve written different kinds of books, ventured into acting, spoken at conferences and much more. How much do you enjoy having such a bouquet of creative outlets for ministry?
Priscilla Shirer:
At this season in my life, that’s exactly how I feel—that it’s a bouquet of opportunity, and I’m very thankful for it. I’m still a bit shocked by it. It certainly wasn’t the plan. Every sort of direction the Lord has allowed us to go toward has appeared in our lives; these aren’t things that we’ve pursued. Even with the movie War Room, the producers called me to be in it and at first I said, “No, are you kidding?” I even recommended some great actresses for that part who are actually skilled in the art of acting! So, I’ve even tried to back out of some of these opportunities, but I am so grateful to the Lord for the chances to push past that fear and insecurity and intimidation and walk down those roads anyway.

It’s the same thing with the kids’ series [The Prince Warriors]. My intention was to answer a simple question that my six-year-old, at the time, had asked me over breakfast about whether or not he would ever be in a war or battle with the enemy. When your six-year-old comes up with a question like that, it’s one of those mornings where you need to stop scrambling the eggs, turn around and talk to him about the armor of God. I said, “Son, you actually are in a battle.” I remember his eyes getting as wide as saucers because they were so excited, as a boy who runs around with a sword and cape anytime we run errands, and is intrigued by this ongoing battle.

The Prince Warriors was really a response to my kids. I would write chapters and read to them before bed. I hadn’t thought about publishing it. Instead, it was for my boys to have adventure-filled stories that would help to keep them clued into the armor of God and realize they have weapons and protection to suit them up for victory. So again, it was just by chance that these stories were written, so to have the opportunity to share them with other young people who need to be suited up for victory, or for parents who want to equip their children well, is a real privilege. It feels really good and surprising to have the privilege to be participating in ministry from so many perspectives and so many genres. I’m very grateful for it.


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