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The transcendent three-part harmonies of Point Of Grace have practically become synonymous with the sound of Christmas music since the tight-knit trio released their first gold-selling holiday collection nearly twenty years ago. Though their presence in Christian music has remained consistent throughout the group’s hits-deep discography—which includes a record-breaking reign atop the radio charts—it is Christmastime that has anchored them in the history of gospel music and in the hearts of thousands of listeners across the country.

On their latest seasonal recording, Sing Noel (LifeWay Worshipbuy)—mainly focused on modern representations of the church’s most beloved carols while featuring a couple new anthems—the singing ladies share what it is about music and the holidays that continues to transform their hearts with the core reality of Christmas … Jesus.

CCM Magazine: How do you celebrate the holidays as a family when you have kids ranging in ages from a 5-year old to a 15-year old? Is there a tradition that resonates with the entire family in celebrating Christmas together?
Leigh Cappillino:
Because Christmastime is the busiest time of the year for Point Of Grace on the road, our Christmas family tradition is very simple—the day after Halloween we put our Christmas decorations up. We are always assisted by the movie White Christmas, so, while the movie is being played on the big screen in our living room, we decorate our tree with all the ornaments. Some of the ornaments are real fancy, and some of them are homemade. We love reviewing the ornaments—this one we got on a vacation. This one I had since I was a little girl. Or, this one my little boy made. So whether it is my 15-year old daughter or my 5-year old son decorating, it’s a sweet, sweet tradition for us.

Decorating on November 1 allows us to really enjoy Christmas. If you are going to put all that time and energy into decorating, you might as well put them up early enough so that you really can enjoy that effort. [Laughs] White Christmas and decorating our Christmas tree on November 1—that’s the Cappillino way.

CCM: When you spend more of the Advent season on the road than at home, is it hard to really facilitate Christmas in your heart?
Shelley Breen: I do find it hard, and have always found it hard, at Christmastime. Even though it is one of our favorite times of year to go out and perform, and I love singing Christmas music every night, we are around a lot of people, and we’re “on” a lot of the time, and so it is hard to foster that side of your heart that yearns for that quiet, peaceful, reverent, contemplative side of Christmas.


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