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Nichole Nordeman’s presence in making music on a public platform has been spotty over the last decade—not exactly a typical prescription for the career of an artist whose trajectory during her first ten years on record and on the road chartered a steady upward climb. Yet, the release of her most recent project, Every Mile Mattered (Sparrow Recordsbuy), has been anticipated and received with the amount of attention and acclaim usually reserved for someone who never left her place in line.

Perhaps the media’s consistent praise of the project and the level of listener love it has evoked (evidenced by a Top 5 spot on iTunes Overall chart upon release) is more than a representation of her revered singer-songwriter status within gospel music’s hearty history. Perhaps it is evidence of the deep impression Nichole’s sensitive spiritual heart, as translated through her poetic musician’s pen, has made in so many of our own searches for God.

Coming up for air after a heavy decade of lost relationships and gained spiritual perspectives, Nichole converses about the new recording—plus a new book, Slow Down (Thomas Nelsonbuy)—birthed from her realization that quite simply, yet so profoundly, God is love.

CCM Magazine: Over the last decade or so, you have lived a lot of life. I’m curious, I think a lot of people are, how has that living informed the creative process that formatted this record?
Nichole Nordeman:
It’s been quite a journey, and I have had a lot of stops-and-starts creatively. When I was a new artist, that was my whole world—make music, write music, tour music, say, “Yes,” to everything. I didn’t have a reason not to. [But] like anybody’s life, that priority professionally changes and takes different shapes as your life changes.

I went through a season where I walked away from music for about a decade. A lot of that was in order to really focus on a failing marriage, to be able to say to myself that I really gave it one hundred-percent without getting on airplanes and tour buses. I could really say that I’d focused on making that my priority, and staying home with young kids. Not wanting to miss a moment of that.


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