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Toward the end of last year, the Dec. 1, 2015 CCM Magazine cover artist Natalie Grant had just released the album Be One (buy), and was happy to share with us the shifts in her life that have paved the way to newfound freedoms.

Nearly one year later, the iconic vocalist is not only still talking, she’s writing about them, too. With the release of her new book, Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs To Live Her God-Given Passions Out Loud (Zondervan, Sep. 13, 2016—buy), Grant is furthering her message to help people discover what she herself is discovering—their own unique God-given gifts and the confidence to rise above deceitful fears for living their calling, as she emphatically states it, “out loud!”

Despite her foray into adding the “author” tag to her well-accomplished resume (which touts an impressive lineup of titles through the years, even incorporating her three kids to contribute to Glimmer Girls, a themed series of children’s/pre-teen books for girls), Grant will be the first to tell you that she’s nowhere close to having “arrived.” What she will tell—in addition to God’s truths—is that you indeed have a voice, and now that she’s living into hers (singing, writing, or just being a mom) from a God-breathed perspective, she’s leading the cheer for the launch or rebirth of our own voices.

It’s seems a little strange to say it at first, but multiple awards-won and millions of albums sold later, Grant has truly, and finally, found her voice. We got the chance to talk with her a little more in-depth about the real meaning behind all of this in our latest interview.


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