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Things seem to be firing on all cylinders for multiple award-winning and ever fan-favorite Matthew West. In fact, we won’t even follow up the previous sentence with a “However…” statement, as to deliver an all-too-inevitable letdown after the proverbial build-up. Nope, things are great for the singer-songwriter, his career, and his family. He just feels the urgency to dig in a little harder, dive a little deeper—or else.

Perhaps it’s his P.K. personality (preacher’s kid), and the keen lifelong insight of being one kicking in? As he tells us in our CCM Magazine cover story interview below, he’s had his fair share of tragedy—with resulting songs and albums. “I think that’s why they always say songwriters long for rainy days,” West shared with a laugh. The well-known jokester among friends in the music community, and all-around on-stage entertainer, West is deadly serious about the messages inspired on his brand new album, All In (Sparrow Records, Sep. 22, 2017—buy). “A lot of times I wind up writing songs, and I feel like it’s a song for the crowd or a song for my fans, and then the Lord simply says, ‘This song’s for you.’ So, I sing it and send it to the world, and it turns into a boomerang—right back around and hits me in the head.”

But beyond just being held accountable for the music he makes, West’s desires to go “all in” at home is first and foremost on his heart. In a day and age where we’re exposed to an “all access” style of media, a perched view into anyone and everyone—how rare is it that we can actually peer into the heart-or-hearts? For Matthew West, he’s keeping himself in check to make sure his motives aren’t just motions, and he’s letting us all in on it.

CCM Magazine: With the release of All In, you’re putting some statements out there—so, what has been going on in you that gave birth to this particular release?
Matthew West: Of course. First of all, the message has to be real to me for me to make a record about it. Because if it’s not something that I’m not dealing with in my everyday life already, then it’s going to be hard for me to really dig in and create. I always want to make a record that holds a message that I’m passionate about, and so, this whole concept of “All In” is something that rose up from within my own personal journey of where I’m at right now in my life.


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