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Matt Maher has always been pretty sneaky. Somehow, whether it’s through a song—almost always the case—or, if you’re lucky enough (like we recently were) to enjoy casual conversation with the Canadian-born and award-winning singer-songwriter, we’re always walking away with something to seriously chew on. With the release of his eighth full-length album Echoes (Sony/Provident, Sept. 29, 2017—buy), things get a little more in-your-face.

Right now, they kind-of have to.

But rather than diatribe on current events, Maher reached back—way back—found inspiration and, additionally, connections between the songs of old with our current societal conditions. Furthermore, a unique and multi-dimensional perspective of Jesus’ cross that, we as humans, are still grappling with today. So, instead of taking to his smart phone and arm-chair quarterbacking his anecdotes via social media, he studied the history of important songs we still sing today, and intelligently has interwoven them into a project that asks all of us to look into the mirror and ponder more important questions.

So, we too, had questions. After attempting to digest an album’s-worth of beautifully delivered poignancy, while still evoking a sense of deep worship and praise—again, as only Matt Maher can do—we were honored to get a little more of the story of Echoes, and of course, much more to keep thinking about.

CCM Magazine: What’s the meaning behind the album title, Echoes?
Matt Maher: I think it’s, “How do you pass-on what you’ve heard, and how do you respond? Honestly, it’s funny [laughs]. I say this all the time…that I’ve spent all my time and effort into channeling my feelings and thoughts into songs so that I don’t have to talk about them.


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