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The fourth of seven children, Maranda Curtis grew up in a musical family in Miami, Florida. Surrounded by R&B and jazz, the powerhouse vocalist assumed an early trajectory towards a music career. Mentored by Pastor John P. Kee, Curtis’ musical gifting collided with her faith resulting in powerful, inspiring worship music and experiences.

Her first album, The Maranda Experience, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard in July of 2017. Now, as she releases her second project, The Maranda Experience – Open Heaven (buy), she does so with a renewed sense of purpose and delivers a rich collection of un-tethered worship and praise.

CCM Magazine: Open Heaven is a beautiful concept and powerful title. How would you describe an open heaven?
Maranda Curtis: I think of God opening the window of Heaven. The miraculous is attached to that and makes room for miracle, signs and wonders. I’ve declared 2018 to be the year that the believer and non-believer see God’s glory—His power, demonstration and manifestation.

CCM: What is the Maranda experience? How did that shape this project?
MC: This project was all about making my private worship public. I have reached a point in life in which I seek open, on-going worship. For years, I have spent time daily in His presence. That often translates into my music. The things I hear God speaking to me frequently have translated into songs, but I wanted to intentionally share that experience with the world. That type of seamless worship—congruent worship—is my intent. Making my private worship public, thus sharing my experience—the “Maranda experience” with others. That’s what I deem to be responsible worship.

CCM: What do you mean by “responsible worship,” and how did that concept become so important to you?
MC: The term was birthed during my trip to South Africa about three years ago. I was there to teach a worship class but ended up becoming the student. I saw how they reverenced God and worship. There was no time limit. There would worship for three and a half hours. I was so convicted. I repented. A burning desire intensified inside of me to never be guilty of withholding my worship. From that point on, I determined that I would only be guilty of giving Him my best. That is my understanding of responsible worship.


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