In the wake of recent events in Charlottesville, VA, Mac Powell of Third Day joins The Kevin & Taylor Show on to talk about racial unity from the perspective of a blended family. “There can be love among and beyond racial barriers,” shared Powell, who is the father of two adopted African-American children. “When we went to adopt, we didn’t necessarily say, ‘We’re going to adopt two black kids.’ We just knew there was a great need for children to be adopted in our area, and that happened to be the largest need. To be straight-up honest, we had a couple of family members who refused to even hold my children when they were babies,” Powell added.

“It disgusts me to see what went on in Charlottesville…our job as believers is to raise our voice in a positive way—in love.” Listen to the entire on-air interview at by clicking on the “play” button below:

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