While “love at first sight” might exist only in the movies, for McKendree and Rachel Tucker, their story is about as close as it comes.

For the Tuckers, otherwise known as August York, music and marriage have become beautifully wound together, evident in their soaring and romantic harmonies displayed on their first full-length album, This is How We Met. The opening lyrics “If I could fly away, wouldn’t you think I’d fly right to you?” makes it no secret these two are in love and ready to show the world a new sound, regardless of where it takes them.

Not surprisingly, these two met when McKendree noticed Rachel’s eye-catching beauty and asked her to star in a music video. Shortly after, he discovered Rachel’s voice matched her appearance and asked her to record background vocals on the album. Obviously, she said yes.

“We both fell hard for each other during these recording sessions,” Rachel said, remembering the beginning of their relationship.

Their relationship quickly became serious when McKendree posed the question of what Rachel was passionate about.

“I opened up and told him that for years, the Lord had been breaking my heart for the entertainment industry, and that I had a desire to bring the Father’s love to the industry. To my surprise, the Lord had been speaking the same to McKendree,” Rachel said.

Two things were clear: marriage was imminent and a mutual dedication to music.

While all newlyweds must adjust to first-year marriage, McKendree and Rachel also had to figure out the ins-and-outs to working together musically.

“Most of the time creating music together is a lot of fun, but like anything within a marriage, you have to work together,” McKendree said. “It has been important to create space for each other to have specific input.”

While both admit it’s challenging, they agree that working together helps mold each song into the best expression it can be, sometimes taking one idea and changing the lyrics, rhythm, or melody.

“Every time is different,” Rachel said. “Sometimes one of us will start an idea and the other will follow through with it. Other times we start and finish the whole song together.”

While the two now live in Pennsylvania, Nashville “music city” definitely still plays a role in their musicianship.

“Nashville is amazing because it has natural synergy for creativity,” Rachel said, “but we have learned to take that wherever we go.”

While in Nashville, McKendree was the keyboard player for well-known CCM band, Sonicflood, an experience that continues to contribute to his creativity.

“Being around musicians and songwriters,” he said, “I’ve probably been a little more of a perfectionist when it comes to the details of the production, which can be a good and bad thing. But I’ve also learned to not be afraid of being simple because some of the best songs are the simplest of ideas yet creatively complex.”

This idea of being “simple yet complex” seems to be a perfect description of their music, doted with intense harmonies and catchy melodies. Much of this can be attributed to their influences, her parents and Billie Holiday for Rachel and Ben Folds Five for McKendree.

While their love story seems simple yet beautiful, their music and life follows one unified vision: to impact the entertainment industry and for all their listeners to experience the Father’s love and be inspired to create.

After listening to their story and music, you’ll agree that this vision is already in motion.

Want to learn more about August York? Visit www.augustyork.com.

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