Jaime Thietten is seasoned pro when it comes to creating and distributing music. Releasing her first album back in 2000, Jaime’s respectable career has creatively reflected her growth and maturity, personally, spiritually, and musically.

While it’s true that Jaime has spent the last decade navigating the ups and downs of the Christian music industry, her upcoming album “Love Along the Way” marked the beginning of the first journey where she spent time writing specifically for a project.

“We started with three songs,” Jaime says. “God’s hand was definitely on it and 9 months later, the album was complete. It was a birthing process and I know now it worked out more perfectly than if we would have had it planned at the beginning.”

Making room for God to be involved in the process definitely impacted the final product, so much so that the album’s title track was written in 12 hours on the final day of production.

The upbeat, windows down, volume blaring kind of song “It’s a Good Day” tells of the importance of being grateful for each moment and living life to its fullest and that regardless of where you are, you should “keep your eyes open and see the Love Along The Way.”
In addition to her impressive vocal ability displayed throughout the album, Jaime uses every song to convey messages of love in action, particularly caring for the homeless and taking a stand against abortion.  

For Jaime, “I Would Die For That is the most emotional and heartfelt song on the album.

“This is a song pitched to me by another singer/writer named Kelley Coffey who shares our pain of not being able to conceive,” says Jaime, revealing her own struggles. “It is very personal to me and was the most difficult song I’ve ever had to record. I shed many tears, but we made it through it.  I just pray it blesses people and helps them to realize that there is no such thing as an unwanted child.”

Jaime claims that she’s never been afraid of speaking her mind and that doing so has always been the core of her music ministry.

“I’ve never wanted to be about the fame or fortune,” says Jaime. “I am very diligent to stay in the focused on the ministry.”

Being an independent artist has allowed her to do just that and be able to follow God’s lead.
“Of course, there are always things to worry about, especially when it comes to money,” she says of the highs and lows of the life of an independent artist. “But it is about faithfulness and learning to trust that God will open doors if it’s supposed to happen.”

This journey of relationship is reflected by “Chasing Me,” a beautiful, heart-moving song written by Jaime and co-writers Meredith Andrews and Shaun Shankel that makes its debut on Jaime’s upcoming album.
“I love this song,” says Jaime, “because it talks of how we spend our life chasing after everything and the entire time, God has been chasing us.”

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