In my Nov. 1 letter to you, I intimated that big things are afoot here at CCM, and we’re kicking off 2015 with one of the biggest! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Kevin Sparkman, the new Managing Editor of CCM Magazine. I am thrilled to have Kevin on board! He brings with him an impressive skill set and knowledge base, and a singular excitement and vision for CCM.

The stage is now set to begin rolling out a whole range of planned expansions, improvements, innovations—and some surprises—that you’ll be a part of over the course of the next year, and beyond. I’m looking forward to working hand in hand with Kevin as we position CCM Magazine for greater reach and impact than ever before.

Thank you, Shaun. Just as I was excited over ten years ago to work for CCM Magazine in a supportive role, I’m equally humbled for this great responsibility at this place in CCM‘s history. I also believe there is a unique opportunity before us to see CCM Magazine reach unimaginable heights as a leader in delivering the latest in faith-based, positive, and uplifting entertainment.

It is no coincidence that my first assignment as Managing Editor was to interview Stan Moser—an unheralded executive in the Christian music industry of over forty years. His list of accomplishments begin before the phrase “contemporary Christian music” was muttered by anyone, and has certainly thrived in our community ever since. Like many of you, my life’s playlist is built on this music. Songs from The Imperials “Priority” (1979), dcTalk “Free At Last” (1992), and Jars Of Clay’s debut (1995) albums have helped shaped me. I have little doubt that after a quick glance of the upcoming We Will Stand lineup, you will immediately begin to identify with your life’s songs.

Perhaps a contemporary Christian song was the conduit that led you into a relationship with Jesus? Much like Stan’s work over the decades, it is my prayer that the words, music, and stories we have to share here together may be used to lead people—the world over—into a closer walk with Christ.



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