Warm Fuzzy. We’ve all heard the expression. When used or heard it should provide well, a warm and fuzzy feeling! I worked in the Untied Methodist Church from 2007-13 and at the annual “Warmth In Winter” youth retreats, students would actually sell “warm fuzzies”—little, colorful balls of yarn that were best shown-off around a neck or affixed to a backpack zipper. It was a fun way for them to raise a few bucks for what ever ministry they happened to be sponsoring that season.

It worked, too, as you can imagine it becomes quite the competition each year to buy and collect so many warm fuzzies in hopes to create the most obnoxious yarn scarf or other type of silly adornment.

Perhaps the original idea behind these warm fuzzies were to draw attention to, and then deflect the notion of going to an event with the intention of encountering Christ—but only to leave with a fleeting emotional high. I remember my youth pastor warning us of these traps when preparing for mission trips or student conferences.

For Brandon Heath, it’s possible his early experiences with the church may have been met with a few warm fuzzy moments. However, when God got a hold of him the summer of 1995 at a Young Life camp in a very real way, it made a lasting impression. In fact, it was in his efforts of reconnecting to that lifelong and transformational moment that provided the inspiration behind his new album No Turning Back.

In our life’s moments and events, big or small, be open to what God is doing and of all the things He is capable. Prepare for and guard against the cracks where evil and distractions can set in. For in those times of reflection, what will we have to draw upon—a meaningless warm fuzzy, or an impactful God-story?


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