Originality is an understatement when it comes to Kylie Hughes. Describing herself as having a songwriting style similar to Taylor Swift, the pop melodies of Katy Perry, and the Christian background to that of Amy Grant, Hughes has been busy crafting a new style of music she has named “Calipopicana.”

“Calipopicana is a combination of all my different styles. I’m from Malibu, so I definitely have that surf culture, but I also play acoustic guitar and love Americana,” says Hughes. After deciding to forego the pressure to classify her genre, she just decided to create her own. Creating her own genre might sound like an impossible feat to most, but to Hughes, it was a natural step. She was raised in a musical family and being an oldest child, was forced to pave the way for her siblings and relatives.

“I’ve always felt like I’ve had my own style,” Hughes said. “My whole family of girls would get together and play music and dance, and over time, my style just emerged naturally.”

As making music became an evident gift in Hughes life, her parents helped her record albums to give to family and friends, especially during holidays. This not only provided experience but also gave her the confidence to know her family would be supportive of her career. As her time in high school came to an end, she carefully considered what course her life needed to take.

“I was offered a small development deal after high school but it just wasn’t for me. I saw my friends going to college and knowing my family’s emphasis on education, I decided to go to Pepperdine.”

Throughout her time at Pepperdine, she played at campus events and local coffee houses, giving her a chance to try out her music. However, in large part those four years were focused on studying advertising, a major that might seem worlds away from music but in actuality, has proven quite useful.

“I learned all about copyright and commercialism, essentially, selling myself. I’m definitely more educated in terms of how to handle the business.”

Just before graduating, a producer approached Hughes about trying out acting. Apparently a natural, she starred in an independent movie and subsequently, a short film. While she loved the experience, there was no denying that music was and is her first love. Being in college and focusing on her studies really gave her the opportunity to focus on her own songwriting and the direction in which she hopes her career to go. Her latest collection will soon begin the recording process in October, currently dubbed “The Malibu Sessions.” Being an artist isn’t easy and Hughes knows it.

“I think one of the hardest parts is the lull. Everyone has times where not much is happening and it never fails that people will come up and ask what I’ve been up to. That’s always a hard moment,” Hughes said.

Despite those moments, her relationship and foundation in God is what keeps her motivated, knowing that ultimately, He is in control and directing her every step.

To keep up with Kylie and her happenings, visit www.kyliehughesmusic.com.

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