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Kierra Sheard admits she needs a break. It’s exhausting to even list and look through all of her creative endeavors—from television appearances and concert dates, to a fashion line and a host of speaking opportunities. Yet the gospel star is finding God as her strength as she walks through the doors that have been opened for her. The good news is that as busy as she’s been, she’s also having plenty of fun connecting with fans and sharing her faith.

CCM Magazine: You’ve had seven album releases, a fashion line, a brand new personal app, speaking opportunities and even television appearances. Do you ever take a step back from it all?
Kierra Sheard:
I do need a break. I haven’t taken a vacation in two or three years. I wake up sleepy from just using my brain everyday—it’s almost like [I’m working] even in my sleep! I was just thinking last night that I need to sit back and chill, to just be thankful for all that God has allowed me to successfully hold down. I am still growing each part of my brand, and I hope that it’s touching someone and actually inspiring the next person. I work hard, and I pray that it pays off and that I am actually working towards the initial vision that I’ve seen for it all.

I am busy, but productive. I have grown to say “no” to what I can’t afford, and making better decisions. At this point in my life, and for every part of my life, decisions have to make sense. I enjoy having work to do because it keeps me out of trouble. I am grateful.

CCM: You were recently featured on the television series Being. How was that experience for you?
The experience was so much fun, and I couldn’t believe that this show was about me. Having had twenty years of work brush by me so fast is simply mind-blowing. There are so many lessons, awards, accomplishments, and more that I am simply grateful for. I was so glad to have been able to tell my story.

To hear so many great reviews about the show was so heartwarming. It’s a part of my purpose. So many young women were so inspired by my story and that is all that matters to me. Being gave me the platform to say what I wanted to say. So many people develop their own ideas of people that they have never met. On Being, I was able to share with them that, yes, “I hear the talking,” but here is the truth.


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