Album Title: Evening:Morning

Label: Fair Trade Services

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Recording Studio: Asterik Sound, Waco, TX

Producers: The Digital Age (“Break Every Chain” co-produced by Seth Mosley)

Number of Songs: 12



Different:Same: In the studio we did not have deadlines and we own our studio, so we could go on day-long tangents that worked sometimes and failed other times. But because we are two-thirds of the David Crowder*Band, The Digital Age sound is extremely similar. We still have the same tendencies to make things sound the certain way that we like. –Mark Waldrop


Corporate Collaboration: We try to write songs that articulate the faith of our local congregation, University Baptist Church in Waco, TX.  We wanted Evening:Morning to be a concept record loosely based on the Creation story—the idea of coming out of the darkness into the light. We each worked on little ideas, and as we played them for each other we all started to pitch in what we heard. Sometimes someone only had a line or two, but that sparked something in another person. The whole process was very collaborative. –M.W.


Working It Out: When the four of us decided to stay in Waco and continue playing music together, we bought an old boxing gym near downtown that was a perfect shell for a new studio. The Digital Age now calls Asterik Sound home. We spent three months as construction workers building a studio in the gym’s place. We quickly learned that our skill sets are better served to music. [Laughs]  Asterik is a great place for us to hang. And sometimes boredom becomes a catalyst for creation. M.W.


Amped Up: We spent a lot of time playing with plug-ins on Evening:Morning. We are big fans of tracking a part, bouncing it, chopping it up then adding effects. We learned a few Dr. Luke (Pink, Kelly Clarkson) tips that we applied to drum programming sounds, as well as some guitar layering techniques. We definitely doubled and tripled things much more on this record than on DC*B albums. Technically, we used the Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate package for synths, strings and other random sounds. Nexus, Sylenth and old Korg synths like M1 are used to make big, layered synths. For effects, we love all of the Sound Toys plugs, especially “The Decapitator” and “Devil Loc.” M.W.



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