Think back to the first Christian concert you attended. Do you remember where it was held? Or how much you paid for your ticket? Did you reserve your seat early to get a discount, or did you pay at the door? Did volunteers work the event, or were there paid staff?

Chances are you don’t remember most of the details of the first concert you attended. You probably didn’t think a lot about the work that went into organizing such an event. You might not even remember the names of all the artists who performed. Now that you’re on the other side of the ticket counter, maybe you wish you’d paid a little more attention to what was going on in the background.

Planning and promoting a Christian concert is hard work. Ahead are many difficult choices, financial roadblocks, and other setbacks. But if you stay the course and aim for excellence, planning Christian concerts can win hearts for the Kingdom and be a financially sustainable business.

It Takes Work | Every concert, whether Christian or secular, takes lots of work in several different areas of expertise. Some of these areas include:
Researching the market
Researching the various artists available
Locating the right venue (even if you’re at a church)
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Radio advertising
Press releases
Motivating people to help you succeed


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